Little Mushy






When we stay at the block our mornings are full of Mushy hunting. Scouring the ground for little gems. These are just a few of the species we have come across just on our property.


With devastation comes new growth.









It was one of those “oh crap” moments. When you were sad the giant tree had taken out the awesome bungalow with the lovely warm shower but grateful it wasn’t your neighbours house !! But with devastation comes new growth. With the insurance money from the bungalow we were able to build a new shed. And when I say shed I mean ‘ SHED’ (yet my husband still thinks it’s not big enough)



Taking it slow.




Trying to remember this week to ‘take it slow’. With such a busy time of year it’s so hard to slow down and to apprieciate all the little things. The only time I actually do not do much at all is when we go to the block. So guess where we are off the this weekend. Halloween is this Friday so after a little Halloween fun with the kids we are off to relax. I can feel my body getting run down so I’d better make myself stop if only for a little while. All the chaos will still be there when we get back but at least I might find a little more energy to continue. I hope you can stop, just for a little.