Alot has happened (part 1)

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Alot has happened since I last posted pics. Its March 2016 and the build is nearly complete. So I’m going a little back in time to catch up to where we are today.

Enjoy !!   Janet









The spiders are certainly loving the new structure surrounding them. Taking up their residence in Millies door way, much to her disgust. My favourite tree is finally not naked anymore and reaches to the sky at our back door. The roof will be on soon and windows and walls to follow. Not long now……. Home Sweet Bliss !!

Last day of the year.






As the sun softly kisses the world beneath me, another year is over. I always go into the new year with high expectation but this year it was slightly different. I decided not to believe the prenotion that things were going to be rosy and that the world was going to be perfect and life wasn’t going to be hard. I guess I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment. So now I’m ‘going with the flow’. The house preparations are going well although finding a floor we like has been the most hard thing I’ve had to do all year. So really that’s not to bad. The kitchen has been chosen so now its the waiting for paperwork and bank. Fun Fun Fun….. I hope you had a lovely New Years and the road ahead doesn’t have to many pot hole xox J

A Little Forest Road Christmas.


christmas 2014 1


christmas 2014 6

christmas 2014 5

christmas 2014 4

christmas 2014 3






This year has brought us lots of ups and downs, like the rest of you, and with a new year looming the promise of fresh wonderful days ahead. The block has seen, bit by bit, a major transformation. It is now ready and eager for building to begin. ( I feel sick with joy just typing this) I’m sure there will be more emotional times ahead and I must remember we are doing this for our family and the wonderful future adventure it holds.
Christmas brought us, laughter, Waking up to tweeting birds, spiders and mosquito’s, Dipping our toes in the paddle pool, good wine, too much food and most of all family xox
Wishing you all a safe and wonderful New Years !!
May 2015 bring you lots of joy and rip snorting laughter !!

Up close and personal.






I still have to pinch myself. Having the freedom to enjoy such wonderful visions of nature, right at our door step. We are having our first Christmas at the block this year. So as you can imagine I’m trying desperately to think of ways to make or shed more Christmassy. A little marquee outside with mix matched tables and chairs. Decorations and fun things for all the kids to do. Hmmmm better get organized. xox